Board of Education

As trustees of the Ferndale School District, we are responsible for setting educational policies consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. As representatives of the electorate, we attempt to provide programs designed to meet the educational objectives of the community. In addition, we are responsible for the district’s resources. We also serve as a board of appeals. Individually and as a board, we work as concerned citizens for the improvement of public schools.

A quorum of four board members is needed to conduct official business. The Superintendent and administrative staff are present at board meetings to provide reports and background information.

Minutes are recorded at every meeting. Minutes from recent meetings are available at each meeting. Proposed minutes are available for public inspection within eight business days after the meeting. Approved minutes are available within five days after the meeting in which the Board approves them. Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours before a scheduled Board meeting on the Meeting Schedule page.

2023-2024 Board of Education Schedules

Current Board Members

Board Policies & Bylaws 

An electronic version of the Ferndale Board of Education Policies is available by clicking on the link below. Updates will be posted on this website as they become available.

All policies posted are current.

Ferndale Board of Education Policies

President - Sandra N. Dukhie

President - Sandra N. Dukhie

Sandra Dukhie was appointed to the Board in March 2017 and was elected in November 2022 for a 2nd term; her term expires December 2026. 

Sandra is an Eagle through and through. Her family's relationship with the city began when her great-grandfather moved his family to Urbanrest (Ferndale). Sandra is a social justice activist and a youth advocate and champion. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Oakland University. Sandra and her wife Keisha have five sons, four who have graduated and one currently attending Ferndale Public Schools.

Treasurer - Peter Ceglarek

Treasurer - Peter Ceglarek

Peter Ceglarek was elected in 2022 to a four-year term that will conclude in December 2026.

Peter is a proud alum of Ferndale Schools and parent of one "Little Eagle," as well as one younger child excited to join the Eagle ranks! Born and raised in Ferndale, and a current resident of Oak Park, Peter is committed to the equitable development and empowerment of all our Ferndale Public Schools communities. He has served on the District's Wellness Committee, has been an active contributor of community input at the District level, and is a current member of the Ferndale Early Childhood Center PTO. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, as well as a Master of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education, from the University of Michigan. He has about ten-years' experience in research of youth mental health, including researching students' wellbeing within the context of schools.

Trustees - Sarah Elturk

Trustees - Sarah Elturk

Sarah Elturk was elected in 2020, and her term expires December 31, 2024.

Sarah Elturk has four children attending the Ferndale School District at both Lower and Upper Elementary. She has served on various committees within the district, including the 2020 School Bond, the District Strategic Plan, and the Cultural Education Committee. Sarah is also an active school volunteer, a member of the Ferndale Elementary PTA and the Ferndale Elementary Connections Group. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Trustees - Jennifer LaTosch

Trustees - Jennifer LaTosch

Jennifer LaTosch was reelected to serve a four-year term in November 2020; her term expires December 31, 2024.

Jennifer and her wife Kathleen have two children in Ferndale High School. Jennifer, a partner at Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, has been a resident of Ferndale since 1995, is an active school volunteer and PTA/PAC member, and has served on the District’s Strategic Planning Committee. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Albion College and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Wayne State University.

Vice President - Mary Fulmer

Vice President - Mary Fulmer

Mary Fulmer was elected in 2022 to serve the remainder of a vacated term ending December of 2024.

Mary Fulmer has past teaching experience in adult literacy in Baltimore, Maryland. "Unlike my own positive experiences in K-12 education, my students represented those that the educational system had not served well for any number of reasons, often with far-reaching consequences for those individuals.  In the ten years that I have been engaged with the FPS I have been impressed with the district’s commitment to strive for equity and inclusion, efforts that seek to eliminate the reality of some people being left behind by the system like my students in Baltimore were.

A capable, competent public school system that provides a high-quality education to all the students in its care is a valued community asset. I have tremendous respect for the work being done by the educators, administrators and support staff of FPS.

This is a challenging time for public education in our country. In these times, and as FPS strives to continue to meet the needs of its students, I am humbled by the opportunity to support our community and serve on the Board of Education."

Secretary - Jonathan Turner

Secretary - Jonathan Turner

Jonathan Turner was appointed to serve the remainder of a vacated term ending December 31, 2022. He was re-elected in November 2022. His term expires December 2026.

Jonathan Turner was appointed in August 2021. Jonathan would like to bridge the gap between the students the district serves and the administration by bringing more students to the conversation while empowering them to self-advocate. He graduated from Ferndale High School in 2017. His family has attended Ferndale schools dating dating back to 1929 when his great-great-grandfather moved his family north from Kentucky to Michigan. Jonathan is currently studying social work at Oakland Community College.

Trustees - Jackie Hart

Trustees - Jackie Hart

Jackie Hart was re-elected to serve a six year term beginning January 1st, 2021. Her term expires December 2026.

Jackie Hart was appointed to the board in January 2016 and was elected in November 2016. Her term expires in December 2026. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and works in internal communications and employee engagement at a software and engineering company. She has served on various committees in the district, including the Ferndale Education Foundation and several Board, fine arts, and PTA/ PTSA committees. Jackie and her husband have two children who have graduated from Ferndale Public Schools.

Learn about the School Board Committees

We invite our community members to contribute to the conversation on School Board Advisory Committees.

The Ferndale Schools Board of Education meets regularly as a "Committee of the Whole" to discuss district business. The Board believes in active participation of the community within the school district and encourages citizens to attend these meetings.

The Committee of the Whole discusses district business from the following subject areas:

Areas of Focus


These discussions advise the board regarding policy, personal, board operations and structure. 


This topic provides direction to the board regarding the district’s educational priorities and goals. Programs and materials to achieve goals are reviewed, with recommendations then being made.


These discussions provide direction and oversight for the district's asset management and planning. It monitors budget reports, reviews facilities and site utilization, and provided input on both financial and facilities planning.

Marketing /Communications 

These discussions provide advice to the communications department regarding public relations and district communications.