Board of Education Committees

The Ferndale Schools Board of Education meets regularly as a "Committee of the Whole" to discuss district business.  The Board believes in active participation of the community within the school district and encourages citizens to attend these meetings.

The Committee of the Whole discusses district business from the following subject areas:


These discussions advise the board regarding policy, personal, board operations and structure. 


These discussions provide direction and oversight for the district's asset management and planning. It monitors budget reports, reviews facilities and site utilization, and provided input on both financial and facilities planning. 


This topic provides direction to the board regarding the district’s educational priorities and goals. Programs and materials to achieve goals are reviewed, with recommendations then being made. 


These discussions provide advice to the communications department regarding public relations and district communications. 

Click the link to view the committee schedule for this year.

Meeting Locations: FHS Media Center (The Nest)