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Are you interested in joining the Ferndale Schools Board of Education? This page provides important background information on the role of a School Board member as well as the process with which to apply. 


Please contact Board of Education President Sandra Dukhie

School Board Member Job Description

Serving on American school boards is a vital and important aspect of our democracy. The governance of our local school boards by democratically elected people remains at the heart of our democracy and public education system. Every two years board members are elected by voters to serve 4-year terms on local school boards. These elected members are charged to sit in trust for all of their local communities. Our public schools are the ties that bind this diverse and pluralistic society into a nation. Only our public schools are prepared to serve, without reservation, all students and continue to enable Americans to be active participants in the world's longest standing democracy.

So what is the "job description" of a school board member? What does he or she actually do? To understand what a school board member does also requires knowledge of what a school board members does not do: no single board member has any power outside of a legally called school board meeting. When a legally called school board meeting occurs, the school board sits in trust for its entire local community. Subject to some exceptions, a school board has all powers granted by the Michigan School Code, along with those that are necessary for the maintenance and development of the schools that the board controls.

The board must also adopt and enforce all necessary rules for the management and governance of its school district. The board, however, can and does delegate many of its powers and duties to the superintendent through its board policies. With limited exceptions, each board must employ a superintendent who shall have charge of the school district's administration. Michigan School Code directs that a school board shall make all decisions pertaining to the employment of the superintendent and direct through policy the superintendent in his or her charge of the administration of the school district. When a school board delegates its powers and duties in this way, it should ensure that the superintendent understands the board's policy directives and must be prepared to support the superintendent's recommendations. The school board will monitor this process as it evaluates the superintendent's performance.

In addition to duties enumerated in the Michigan School Code, good governance imposes the following responsibilities on the board: 

  1. The board clarifies the district's purpose

  2. The board connects with the community

  3. The board employs a superintendent

  4. The board delegates authority

  5. The board monitors performance

  6. The board takes responsibility for itself

For more information on these responsibilities, please refer to the Revised School Code, which is available at

Process and Application 

The Board of Education will have an open seat on August 31st. If you are interested in joining the Board please follow the below process:

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