Safety & Security

Safety is our number one priority in Ferndale Schools. We work tirelessly to ensure the physical, emotional, and social safety of our students and staff. We believe safety is a community effort and responsibility and thank you for your partnership.

How Can I Help?

This is a great question! In times like these, we often feel helpless, but there's actually a lot you can do!

Join the Conversation

Contact your legislators to let them know that this needs to be a top priority in their discussions in Lansing and Washington.

If You See Something, Say Something

Continue to report issues of concern to our staff or via OK2SAY. To report a concern, please call (855) 565-2729, text 652729, Email ok2say, or visit the OK2Say webpage.

Follow Safety Protocols and Ask Others to Do the Same

Do not hold the door open for the person behind you. It is important that every person goes through our entrance protocol. We ask that you sacrifice this small courtesy for our collective safety.

We do not need to sacrifice our community values for security. If you find someone propping open a door or feel uncomfortable not holding open the door for someone behind you, we encourage you to introduce yourself and have a conversation about your safety concerns. When entering the building, you are welcome to go through the security procedure together. We build stronger communities by getting to know our neighbors.

Help Reassure Your Child of Their Safety in Our Schools

School is still statistically the safest place for children to be. Remind them that we care about them and we are committed to keeping them safe.

If a violent trauma occurs, it is critical for parents and guardians to help re-establish a sense of security. Some guidance can be found in this Tip Sheet from the National Association of School Psychologists. Our school psychologists are also an excellent resource.