School Closing

Parent Information

All official emergency school closings will be announced first on our website, and then on our District Facebook page at You can also stay tuned to local television channels Fox 2, WDIV-4, and WXYZ-7, and radio stations WJR-760 am, and WWJ-950 am, for the latest news on school closings. However, due to the system they use to capture school closings, sometimes there is a delay before our information shows up. However, our website and Facebook page will always have the most immediate updates.

The district will also send out a notification to all households via Remind. If you have not already, now is the perfect opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with Remind and ensure your account is set up correctly. If you have questions on how to set up your Remind account please visit: for more information.

In the event of a school closure, you will receive a notification in Remind based upon the preferences you have set in your account. In the event of an "emergency" closing, you will receive an email, text message, and/or push notification (if you have the Remind application installed on your smartphone). Please note that Remind will only make a phone call if it has no other information registered to your account.

Tornado Watch/Warning Procedures

The district will remain in session during a tornado watch or warning. Whenever a tornado watch or warning is issued, all students and staff will remain in the buildings.

If a warning occurs, everyone in the building at the time will take shelter in designated areas. Parents who are at the school when a warning is issued are urged to use caution and stay in the shelter area with their children.

The National Weather Service recommends that people in the path of a tornado should go to a basement or central interior room on the lowest floor possible; stay away from windows; abandon cars and mobile homes for a reinforced building, ditch or culvert. In the case of a severe thunderstorm, stay in a reinforced shelter away from windows.

All after-school activities will be canceled if a tornado watch or warning is in effect at the end of the normal school day.