Secondary Education

Ferndale Middle School is incredibly unique.

FMS offers the small community feel and personalized attention that Ferndale Schools is famous for, with unprecedented opportunities that come with being located on the Ferndale High School campus. Students can earn high school credit while in middle school for Spanish 1, Algebra, and Honors Geometry, participate in high school programs like our state-champion Marching Band and Color Guard, take Drama courses and act in the fall play or spring musical, join the State Champion IMPI Warriors Robotics team, and more!


Ferndale Middle School offers more elective classes than any other middle school in Southeast Michigan. These electives allow students to customize their education to what interests them.

APID: Advanced Placement International Diploma

The AP International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized award for students interested in pursuing university study outside of their native country. It requires students to display mastery on AP Exams across several disciplines and represents an exceptional level of achievement.

The Advanced Placement® International Diploma is a credential that allows students to demonstrate outstanding academic achievement on AP® Exams across several disciplines. The APID also promotes an international outlook. It indicates to colleges and universities that the student has challenged him- or herself in multiple subject areas and has succeeded in a global perspectives course.

The APID is an optional certificate that is available to students attending secondary schools outside the United States and to students attending U.S. high schools who are applying to universities outside the country. The APID is not a substitute for a high school diploma but rather provides additional certification of academic excellence.

To earn an APID, a student attending a school within the United States must send at least one AP Grade Report to a university outside the United States

Early College, Careers & More

Ferndale Schools offers two exciting early college options for students at Ferndale High School and University High School. These programs allow students to earn college credit or even a degree, free of charge, while they are high school students!