Staff Directory

We are proud to employ some of the most talented, dedicated and hard working staff on the planet. From our administrative team, to our excellent teaching staff and amazing classified employees.

To Send an E-mail

To protect our system and our staff from spam, we are unable to post all staff e-mail addresses on the site. Click the envelope button  to open an e-mail form.

If you would prefer to send an e-mail directly without using our form, all staff e-mail addresses are generated using the convention.

Call a Staff Member/Teacher

To keep our classrooms free from disturbances, we do not publish classroom/teacher extensions on our website.

If you would like to leave a message for a teacher during school hours, please call the building secretaries. If this is an emergency, the building secretaries can forward your call directly to the classroom.

Visit a Teacher Page

All teachers with active class webpages will have a hyperlink attached to their name. Click the green name and you will be redirected to that teacher's classroom page. 

How to Effectively Communicate with School Officials

Parents/families are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with central office administrators and school board members and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the order of communication, or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their problem or concern.

Many parent/family and community questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken, with appeals moving on to the next level in the chain of command. The easiest way to communicate is via email and a phone call is the next preferable way.