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Ferndale Schools uses several 3rd-Party applications to support our mission. Most of these applications offer their own Support Ticketing system and Knowledge Base. Those links can be found below.

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Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a directory of how-tos, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and other self-directed learning resources. Knowledge bases sometimes include user-generated content, which will be moderated by the parent organization.

ML Schedules - Knowledge Base

Thrillshare - Help Articles

Remind - Learning Center

Support Ticketing

Support Ticketing Systems allow you to send a direct message to the support desk to assist with your issue. To make sure your request is sent to the right person, please check the URL you are viewing at the time of your issue and follow the appropriate link below to reach their support desk. Support links can often be found within the web application itself, as mentioned in your software training.

Oakland Schools - Support Ticketing

ML Schedules - Support Ticketing

Thrillshare - Support Ticketing

Remind - Support Ticketing

Tech Glossary